Leg gloves
«received my leg glove and used it this morning wow what a great idea no water got in at all not ...»

Trish Port Ma...

«Received my order of Leg Gloves they do what they are reported to, have not had issues with a we ...»

Wilma VIC

«Having broken my arm and struggling with plastic bag and tape to try and keep plaster dry in the ...»

M Loper Timaru NZ

«Just wanted to give some feedback on my order. I bought the four pack of leg sleeves for my son. ...»

Eleanor VIC

«The Armrx really works well and I've been able to use my glove over and over again. thanks for s ...»

June Brisbane

«What a great product. Works well and saves my Carer so much time. Thank you»


Welcome to Meccatech Health Care

Meccatech Health Care is a division of Rehab and Mobility Wholesalers and are proud suppliers of the ArmRx range of waterproof arm and leg gloves offering waterproof protection for limbs; wounds, bandages, dressings, picc lines and casts.
Meccatech Health Care offers a variety of bathroom aids making daily bathing easier and safer. 

ArmRx waterproof arm and leg gloves come in two sizes - Standard and XL and are ideal for use when you shower, bath or swim and needing to keep a limb or cast dry.

ArmRx products offer the following customer / patient benefits....

Check out the links above for the correct ArmRx product to suit your needs or give us a call on 1300 368 085 and we can assist you.

We welcome enquiries from resellers wishing to stock ArmRx, along with Institutions who can see the benefit of using ArmRx within their facilities.

ArmRx Waterproof Limb Protection Demonstration Video

Meccatech Health Care - ArmRx Arm and Leg Gloves & Bathroom Aids

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